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Kids Clean Up

Kids Clean Up

Diversionary Early Intervention Program - Overview

Kids Clean Up – Camping (Duration 2-3 weeks)

This camp is about creating positive and life enhancing experiences.

Many of the young people that participate in this program have little by way of ‘happy memories’ to fall back on to, and have turned to drugs, alcohol or self harming by way of dealing with the trauma they carry.

Kids Clean Up aims to broaden the young person’s horizon by exposing them to the beauty of the natural environment and encouraging and supporting them to participate in physically challenging activities such as abseiling, rock climbing, bushwalking/hiking and camping.

Kids Clean Up goes into many Indigenous communities where all of the young people are introduced to Indigenous Elders and members of the community.

Kids Clean Up allows the young person to re-frame their attitudes and beliefs and empowers them to believe that they do have potential and possibility.