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Education Programs

Education Programs


Education is delivered to Brahminy clients throughout the duration of their placement at the Facility.   A valuable component of Brahminy’s delivery of education is the ability to enable the use of daily activities such as “life skills” and incorporate them into the client’s educational curriculum.

Upon entering the program, the young person is assessed in Literacy and Numeracy using either the Precision or Compass testing scales based upon the young person’s school level, age and amount of time absent from school.

As part of our education delivery, we facilitate the delivery of subjects from two pathway divisions of the NT Department of Education and Training:

NTOEC   Senior School - Years (12, 11, 10)

KSA Middle School - Years (9, 8, 7)


The Northern Territory Open Education Centre (NTOEC) is a distance learning school.  In some ways it is different from other secondary schools, but the main ingredients are the same; experienced professional teachers who provide the best possible education for individual students.  Brahminy’s qualified teacher works directly with these professionals in delivering the education program to the Brahminy students.

Katherine School of the Air (KSA) develop individual programs prepared for Brahminy students taking into account their educational needs, interest and also delivery of packaged programs. 

Curriculum is a key component in the Therapeutic Programs and encompasses Education Programs as part of the client’s daily routine, being:

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Health Education
  • Legal Education
  • Broad Art – Media, Visual, Drama, Music
  • Cultural Education
  • Accredited Courses (for Exit) e.g. with CDU/VET   
  • Mentor Programs (in development with ex-clients who have attended the Brahminy Facility)
  • Music

This begins the process of developing, between Katherine School of the Air (KSA) and Brahminy Education Department, an Individual Education Program (IEP), for the young person.

Brahminy’s classroom based lessons are combined with ‘out of classroom’ teaching and learning experiences which occur in the open in a more relaxed setting.

The Brahminy Education Department also takes the young people on excursions to various educational facilities and areas in the Darwin area which allows an extension of the learning and teaching experience allowing investigations into both indigenous and non-indigenous history and art, environmental studies, biology and geology.