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Back to Culture

Back to Culture

Back to Culture – Camping (Duration 2 weeks)

This early intervention program specifically targets Indigenous youth that are coming to the attention of community Elders, police, Juvenile Justice, and other government and non-government agencies. Back to Culture has been designed to address the unique issues facing Indigenous youth.

The aim of Back to Culture is to engender a greater sense of Indigenous identity and participation by immersing the young people in community.  This then allows Indigenous Elders working with the Brahminy team an opportunity to mentor and teach cultural practice which in turn strengthens the young person’s identity.

The Back to Culture program also affords the Brahminy Team a proximity to these young people, aiding the team in determining the best course of action for that young person.

The Back to Culture Team relies heavily on and encourages volunteer participation from areas such as:

Indigenous Elders


Juvenile Justice


Sexual and Mental Health Workers

Drug and Alcohol Counsellors




And many more