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ARTIYIAJ Program is the only specialized cultural rehabilitation program in Australia, that supports Indigenous Youth from exclusion in the Juvenile Justice System.  “Artiyiaj” means Arnhem Response to Indigenous Youth in Australian Jails.

Known by all Australians, there is a crisis of over representation of Indigenous Youth in Australian Jails. This program works specifically with Government Agencies and community, in minimizing the quota of existing indigenous youth in jails.  

Artiyiaj is an indigenous response to an indigenous problem.  Traditional Elders of Central Arnhem Land (Northern Territory) and Brahminy Foundation have developed and implemented this specialized program to address the issue of Indigenous Young People in Jails.  

The rehabilitation program is delivered at ‘Gulpilu’ in ARNHEM LAND, Northern Territory.  Its location selected for its cultural and spiritual importance’s to cultural heeling with the indigenous youth of Australia.  The program is Indigenous and overseen by Indigenous. 

The Gulpilu community provide collaborative community support to the program whilst in return the program provides employment and training opportunity to community. This partnership provides best practice outcomes for indigenous youth and the communities. 

Working within an existing therapeutic model, the residential program for indigenous youth, addresses key issues of offending as well as underlying issues and trauma that causes anti-social and at risk behavior affecting the individual, family and greater community. The program incorporates Indigenous mythology and modern practices to achieve cultural harmony.  “Using the culture will fix the culture".   

All clients must participate in the Back to Culture program, school, participate in group and one-on-one counseling sessions allowing for reintegration back into their family and community environments.  All components of the program are delivered by highly qualified Brahminy staff who have been specially trained within Brahminy’s Therapeutic framework. 

This is the only proven program that focuses on cultural restoration with indigenous youth in Australia.

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