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For Parents

Introduction page for parents

Q: What kind of food would my child eat whilst on the program?

Brahminy recognises the link between food and behaviour and has developed a routine around preparing healthy, well balanced, natural meals.   The young person learns about diet and nutrition and is required to partake in the preparation of all meals. 

Q: How about my child’s schooling? My kid is not attending school, has been expelled/suspended/truanting

At Brahminy the way we deliver schooling is unique – each young person is assessed for their literacy and numeracy levels when they enter the program. Katherine School of the Air develop a program tailored to the individual. Brahminy aim to re-introduce the young person to the learning process in an engaging way whether that be in the school room or under a tree.

Q: What if the young person is resisting attending the Brahminy property?

Each young person will have a variety of anxieties and reasons for resisting. The Intake Team are well versed and practiced in helping to identify the issues and discussing options and choices with the young person.

Q: What activities are there at the Brahminy property?

Fishing/Ball sports/Volley Ball/Soccer/Table Tennis/Cards/Cricket/Basket Ball/Circus Skills/Swimming/Camping/Gardening/Animal tending/Bushwalking and whatever can be invented.

Q: Medical supervision and care whilst at Brahminy.

All young people entering the program are physically assessed by the Intake Team and referred to a local medical practitioner if required.

All and any medication is closely supervised by Brahminy staff. All Brahminy staff are certified in the administering of First Aid.

Q: How much does it cost to send a young person to the Brahminy Program?

It does cost money to send a young person to the program.

Please call our intake coordinator for details on cost

Q: Where is the Brahminy property located?

Outside of Darwin

Q: How do I get a young person into the Brahminy Residential Therapeutic Program?

If the young person is identified as being at ‘high to medium risk’ and is deemed a suitable candidate by the Brahminy Intake Team.

 High Risk - young person displays one or more of the following behaviours;

  • Substance Abuse
  • Self Harming
  • Mentally unstable
  • A physical threat to themselves and others.
  • Engaged in criminal activity.
  • Traumatised.
  • Displays violent and or anti-social behavior.
  • No longer able to participate in mainstream educational institutions.
  • Dysfunctional and unmanageable family/primary carer dynamic.
  • No longer able to be cared for in mainstream care.


Medium Risk young person displays one or more of the following behaviours;

  • First time offender.
  • Developing anti-social violent behavior.
  • Ongoing truancy – suspension.
  • Experimentation with substances.
  • Trauma
  • Increased volatility within the family/primary carer relationship.


The next thing to do is to contact our office and speak to our intake coordinator who will chat to you about our referral and assessment process and answer any questions unique to your specific enquiry