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Our Story

Brahminy Foundation was established as a not-for-profit community organisation.  The Brahminy facility is located in a remote part of the northern territory - the isolation is both its main asset and the point of its existence. 

“The Brahminy Experience” is a concept that evolved through Allan Brahminy’s extensive work with young people at risk and his own life experiences.   As a call to action a Therapeutic Residential Wilderness Program was developed and is delivered from a child protected wilderness area.  The Brahminy property has a cultural significance to the local Indigenous community, many Indigenous practices are performed at the property.  This is especially important to the young Indigenous people that come into the Therapeutic Residential Wilderness Program. 

The Brahminy Experience removes young people who are at risk from their day to day environments, which in many cases is a contaminating environment, and provide them with a range of experiences and supports.  The aims and objectives of The Brahminy  programs is to empower the young person to make rational life choices, now and in the future, and to accept the consequences of those choices, be they positive or negative.   

Brahminy programs consist of many things: simple daily chores, wildlife management, community work, one-on-one therapy sessions and controlled meetings with the young people's families, to name but a few.   At Brahminy routine, structure, consistency and boundaries play a vital role and are a key component in the care that we provide to our young people; this forms within Brahminy’s Therapeutic Framework.